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ClubBallaBalla CCClub Night10/18/2017Click for results
ClubKnockKnock House hotelClub Night10/18/2017Click for results
ClubKilcolmansDalton Inn HotelClub Night10/18/2017Click for results
ClubBallinrobeCranemore CCPaul & Marian Night10/05/2017Click for results
ClubCastlebarSSCClub Night10/18/2017Click for results
ClubCastlebarSSCClub Night10/17/2017Click for results
OpenClaremorrisDalton Inn HotelGreenstores Cup10/15/2017Click for results
OpenAngela MurphyHodson BaySess 210/14/2017Click for results
OpenAngela MurphyHodson BaySess 110/13/2017Click for results
ClubCastlebar ThursdaySSCClub Night10/12/2017Click for results
ClubBallinrobeCranemore CCClub Night10/05/2017Click for results
ClubKnockKnock House hotelClub Night10/11/2017Click for results
ClubKilcolmansDalton InnClub Night10/11/2017Click for results
ClubBallaBCCClub Night10/11/2017Click for results
ClubCastlebarSSCClub Night10/10/2017Click for results
ClubClaremorrisDalton InnClub Night10/09/2017Click for results
OpenCastlebarTennis PravilionSoroptimist10/08/2017Click for results
ClubCastlebar ThursdaySSCClub Night10/05/2017Click for results
ClubKnockKnock House hotelClub Night10/04/2017Click for results
ClubBallaBCCClub Night10/04/2017 Click for results
ClubKilcolmansDalton InnClub Night10/04/2017Click for results
ClubCastlebarSSCClub Night10/03/2017Click for results
ClubClaremorrisDalton InnClub Night10/02/2017Click for results
SPCAOpenGateway Hotel Swinford10/01/2017Click for results
ClubBallaBCCClub Night09/27/2017Click for results
ClubBallinrobeCranemore CCClub Night09/28/2017Click for results
ClubBallinrobeCranemore CCMiko Night09/21/2017Click for results
ClubKnockKnock House HotelClub Night09/27/2017Click for results
ClubCastlebarSSCClub Night09/26/2017Click for results
ClubKnockKnock House HotelClub Night09/20/2017Click for results
ClubBallaBCCClub Night09/20/2017Click for results
ClubKilcolmansDalton InnClub Night09/20/2017Click for results
ClubCastlebarSSCClub Night09/19/2017Click for results
ClubClaremorrisDalton InnClub Night09/18/2017Click for results
ClubCastlebarWelcome Inn HotelRita Quinn night09/14/2017Click for results
ClubKilcolmansDalton InnClub Night09/13/2017Click for results
ClubBallaBccClub Night09/13/2017Click for results
ClubCastlebarSSCClub Night09/12/2017Click for results
ClubCastlebarSSCClub Night09/05/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 14Burke's BarEnd of Summer game09/04/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCSummer Dinner08/29/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCSummer Final08/22/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 13Burke's BarSummer Final08/28/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 12Burke's BarOPEN08/14/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN08/08/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN08/01/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 11Burke's BarOPEN07/31/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN07/25/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 10Burke's BarOPEN07/24/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN07/18/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 9Burke's BarOPEN07/17/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN07/11/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 8 Burke's BarOPEN07/10/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN7/4/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 7 Burke's BarOPEN07/03/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN06/27/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 6 Burke's BarOPEN06/26/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN06/20/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 5Burke's BarOPEN06/19/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN06/13/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 4Burke's BarOPEN06/12/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN06/06/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN05/30/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 3Burke's BarOPEN05/29/2017Click for results
Presidents PrizeAbbeyknockmoyAbbeyTwo sess ind.05/24/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN05/23/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 2Burkes barOPEN05/22/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeCastlebarSSCOPEN05/16/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeKnock 1Burkes barOPEN05/15/2017Click for results
Summer bridgeWestportHotel Westportopen04/25/2017Click for results
OpenBallygarBallygaropen05/12/2017Click for results
Presidents PrizeBallyhaunisBCCOVERALL05/10/2017Click for results
Sess 1BallyhaunisBCCsess 105/10/2017Click for results
Sess 2BallyhaunisBCCsess 205/10/2017Click for results
Sess2CastlebarSSC05/09/2017Click for results
Presidents PrizeBallaBCCOVERALL04/31/2017Click for results
Sess1BallaBCCOVERALL04/31/2017Click for results
Sess2BallaBCCsess 204/31/2017Click for results
Presidents PrizeSwinfordGateway HotelOVERALL04/30/2017Click for results
Sess1SwinfordGateway Hotelsess104/30/2017Click for results
Sess2SwinfordGateway Hotelsess 204/30/2017Click for results
Presidents PrizeKiltimaghPark HotelOVERALL04/29/2017Click for results
Sess1KiltimaghPark Hotelsess1 with HANDICAP04/29/2017Click for results
Sess2KiltimaghPark Hotelsess2 with HANDICAP04/29/2017Click for results
Presidents PrizeKilcolmansDalton Inn HotelOVERALL04/28/2017Click for results
Sess1KilcolmansDalton Inn Hotelsess1 with HANDICAP04/28/2017Click for results
Sess2KilcolmansDalton Inn Hotelsess2 with HANDICAP04/28/2017Click for results
Credit Union and AIBBallyhaunisBCC04/26/2017Click for results
Presidents PrizeClaremorrisDalton Inn HotelTwo Session04/22/2017Click for results
Sess1ClaremorrisDalton Inn Hotelsess1 with HANDICAP04/22/2017Click for results
Sess2ClaremorrisDalton Inn Hotelsess2 with HANDICAP04/22/2017Click for results
Presidents PrizeKnockKnock House HotelTwo Session04/21/2017Click for results
Presidents PrizeBallinrobeCranmoreTwo Session04/21/2017Click for results
Charity OpenCaltraCCCOPEN04/21/2017Click for results
Charity OpenUsnaBush Hotel04/14/201714-04-2017
Presidents PrizeUSNABush Hotel04/10/2017Click for results
Presidents PrizeTuesday CastlebarSSC04/07/2017Click for results
Presidents PrizeMonday CastlebarSSC03/29/2017Click for results
Shauna TuamTuamGolf club houseCharity04/09/2017Click for results
AbbeyknockmoyAbbeyACCSection A04/02/2017Click for results
AbbeyknockmoyAbbeyACCSection B04/02/2017Click for results
Bridge BreakWestportWoods HotelWoods Hotel Sess 503/23/2017Click for results
Bridge BreakWestportWoods HotelWoods Hotel Sess 403/22/2017Click for results
Bridge BreakWestportWoods HotelWoods Hotel Sess 303/21/2017Click for results
Bridge BreakWestportWoods HotelWoods Hotel Sess 203/20/2017Click for results
Bridge BreakWestportWoods HotelWoods Hotel Sess 103/19/2017Click for results
OPENCastlebarBreaffy House HotelAIB03/05/2017Click for results
OpenBallaBCCBalla Charity02/26/2017Click for results
OpenClaremorrisDalton Inn HotelPieta House (A's)02/19/2017Click for results
OpenClaremorrisDalton Inn HotelPieta House (B's)02/19/2017Click for results
OpenBallinaBallina HotelMaeve Lavelle A sess02/05/2017Click for results
OpenBallinaBallina HotelMaeve Lavelle B sess02/05/2017Click for results
Club NightWestportHotel WestportDinner02/05/2017Click for results
Club NightWestportHotel WestportPresidents Prize02/02/2017Click for results
CastlebarBreaffy House Hotel01/29/2017Click for results
BurkeSwinfdordThe Gateway HotelSection A01/22/2017Click for results
BurkeSwinfdordThe Gateway HotelSection B01/22/2017Click for results
REGIONAL TEAMSRegionPark Hotel KiltimaghMaster Teams01/08/2017Click for results
REGIONAL TEAMSRegionPark Hotel KiltimaghInter A's Teams01/08/2017Click for results

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