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Gemma's NightBallinaGreat National HotelOpen02/22/2018Click for results
ClubBallaBCCClub02/21/2018Click for results
ClubBallinrobeCranmore CenterSim Pairs02/08/2018click for results
ClubBallinrobeCranmore CenterCredit Union02/01/2018click for results
ClubCastlebarSSCMorning02/07/2018Click for results
ClubKnockKnock House HotelClub Night02/21/2018Click for results
Regional TeamsRegionAbbey Hotel RoscommonMasters / A's / B's
02/04/2018Click for results
ClubCastlebarSSCClub Night02/06/2018Click for results
ClubKnockKnock House HotelClub Night02/14/2018click for results
ClubKilcolmansDalton I HotelClub Night02/21/2018Click for results
ClubKnockKnock House HotelClub Night01/24/2018click for results
OPENCastlebarSSCCharity Game01/28/2018Click for results
ClubBallinrobeCranmore CenterClub Night02/15/2018click for results
ClubAbbeyknockmoyO'Donoghue's BarClub night02/13/2018click for results
ClubUsnaBush HotelClub Night02/19/2018Click for results
ClubAbbeyknockmoyO'Donoghue's BarClub Night01/16/2018Click for results
ClubBallinrobeCranmore CenterClub Night01/11/2018Click for results
ClubBallinrobeCranmore CenterVaughan Shoes01/04/2018Click for results
ClubUsnaBush HotelClub Night01/08/2018Click for results
ClubAbbeyknockmoyO'Donoghue's BarClub Night01/09/2018Click for results
ClubKnock Knock House HotelClub Night01/10/2018Click for results
Pieta HouseClaremorrisDalton Inn HotelOpen02/18/2018Click for results
ClubClaremorrisDalton Inn HotelClub Night1/8/2018Click for results
ClubCastlebarSSCMorning1/10/2018Click for results
ClubCastlebarSSCClub Night1/9/2018Click for results
Burke TrophyKiltimaghPark HotelRegion01/07/2018Click for results
Mack CupKiltimaghPark Hotel KiltimaghMasters11/19/2017Click for results
Mack CupKiltimaghPark Hotel KiltimaghB's11/19/2017Click for results

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